11/25 Weekly Faves

Each week I will attempt to dedicate a post to all my favorite articles, quotes, products, happenings that I love.

1) Barley Labs  Dog Treats. Vote for them in the Small Business Big Game competition so they can have a commercial during the Super Bowl! Boone got a taste of their Peanut Butter treats today and loved them.  VOTE HERE.

2) G.O.H.A.R.D. National Hug a Runner Day! This video made me giggle.

3) Highland Brewing Thunderstruck Coffee Porter.  I love coffee, and I love porters. And I love NC beer.

4) Oiselle Arm Warmers.  These have thumb holes. Life changing. I have yet to run in them, but I did cook dinner in them and they were awesome. Pictures to come when I take them on a test run this week at the Ridgewood Turkey Trot.

5) Songs of the Week: Dark Horse – Katy Perry & Lucky Strike – Maroon 5 & Higher (feat. Jay-Z) – Just Blaze and Baauer.

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