Boston Training Plan

Boston Training Plan: Day One & Two (AHHH!)

So..apparently there are 123 days until Boston 2014. AH! This makes my heart beat a little faster and my arms get goosebumps.  My training plan “officially” started yesterday.  What does this mean? In October, I read Hansons Marathon Method book. Using their training plan {that is detailed in the book}, I created my own.  It is a high volume training plan (aka I will be running lots and lots of miles). Curious? I really recommend reading the book, and any others you can, about different types of training plans.  I have read quite a few and it really helped me figure out exactly what I think works best for me and my body.  I wanted all the facts…and I love to read, especially about running.

Background Story: I have always thought my body responds best to high mileage training plans, and in the past I have performed well when on a high volume training plan.  Earlier this year I tried doing 4 days/week of running while training for Grandfather Mountain Marathon (July 2013).  One day speed work, 2 “easy” and 1 long.  I opted for this low volume plan because I was just coming back from a lot of time off due to a nagging hip flexor injury.  Earlier this year I had to take quite a few months off  because of extremely inflamed right hip flexors that we chalked up to poor posture, tight quads, tight calves , weak core.  I hardly ran in February, March or April and really struggled to exercise at all without pain and put on quite a bit of weight. I have spent time since Grandfather Mountain Marathon (July 13th 2013) building my mileage back up to 40+/wk.  Recently, I have been running around 40-44 and that put me right where I wanted to be to start my training plan.  I find that if I don’t run 6 days a week (with the majority of my mileage being easy) my body gets beat up by my long runs and I spend the time in between them trying to recover from the last one.  I would also do my runs too fast and I never really run my “easy” runs at an “easy” pace.  I think every runner is a little different and you have to experiment a bit to figure out what kind of mileage your body responds best to, and what gets you the results you want.

The Plan: Besides the high volume piece, I chose to do this specific training plan because it fits perfectly with my work schedule. I don’t have to tweak anything about the days they suggest you do each run.  I know…I could have picked any training plan and adjusted it to fit my schedule, and I did adjust this one a little, but I just really loved how well this specific plan would fit into my week as is.  I also really believe in everything this sort of high volume plan is about.

My first official day (by official I mean I wrote the training plan to start on Dec 18th) was yesterday… Wednesdays are my “rest day” so I did not run, I wanted to start  my plan with an off day because it had been a while since I really took a day off.  Today, I did 6 easy miles. I discovered easy is going to be a problem for me.  But…I think once I get used to feeling good while I am running I will come to love alllllll the easy mileage I will be doing.  I know I feel better when I run high mileage with a large portion of it easy.  I am thankful for my Garmin, because without it I would not have been able to stay at my “easy” pace.

I am so excited that I feel good, I am healthy, and I can start finally thinking about a marathon PR once again.  A year with no serious, PR setting, goal race drove me CRAZY. I’ve been dreaming of running Boston for YEARS and training for it is just part of the fun 🙂

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! Post to come soon about how I plan to stay motivated and reward myself…stickers are involved.

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