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Boston Training Update 1/23 and Homemade Granola!

Its Thursday. I am 12 days in to my aggressive aleve/ice/eompress/elevate/norest treatment for shin splints.  At 5:30am this morning I noticed (on my drive into work) that my Garmin screen was blank…thank god I brought my charger in my bag.  Jump to 9:30am…I am leaving work to run at 10am…I never plugged in my Garmin…panic sets in as visions of a tempo run on the treadmill dance through my head.  I will say, it is almost embarrassing to me how attached I am to my Garmin, the fact that the battery life of a watch can evoke such emotion is a little extreme.  So, I start mentally preparing myself, thinking of all the pros of a tempo run on the treadmill.  1) Its FLAT. 2) I can set the pace and then I have to push a button to slow myself down (I will not push the buttons).  When I run outside, sometimes, let’s be real…I slow down. So I would definitely stay on pace.  3) It’s much more pleasant inside, and 27 degrees  aka freezing cold outside.  The MAJOR con of treadmill running: it kills my shins…my poor shins.  I have never heard of someone’s feet swelling as a sign of shin splints…but I guess it is.  My feet have been swollen for almost two weeks now, and I think this shin splint issue is going to settle in and stay a while.  So, things I am doing to try to fix it:

  • I did take down my mileage last week, and I miiiiiight this week (probably not).
  • I have been keeping my feet up as much as possible, NFL has made this SO easy the past two weekends…we’ll see what happens this weekend with NO football..I don’t know what I’m going to do without it.
  • Icing…I have been freezing water in dixie cups and massaging it on my shins. There are dixie cups of ice in all the freezers I frequent (EMPOWER Raleigh studio, my parents…and mine.)
  • Compressing….my CEP compression socks have never gotten so much wear! I wear yoga pants to work most days (I know, lucky me) and I can just wear them under and no one even has to know!
  • And I have been trying to stretch my calves as much as humanly possible, using this piece of equipment at work that can only be described as torture.
  • Finally, and I think this is the most significant change – I have not run on sidewalks/concrete in the past two weeks.  I have been running on trails, rubber tracks, and around Duke’s East Campus.

If we’re being honest, every day I do less and less icing, elevating and compressing.  The better my shins feel and the less swollen my feet are the less I do. Yikes. If you see me, nag me, please. Until this point, my Boston training had been going really well! My track workouts are obviously always better when done with friends and  I am surprising myself by being able to hold pace in my tempo runs.  I have yet to get any REALLY long runs in (nothing over 14 yet) but I really like my training plan (running 6-10 miles 6 days a week). I have been taking my warm up/cool downs from just 1 mile each to 2-3, which I never thought I’d willingly do. So overall, lots of positives.

Another positive side effect of marathon training – I am starving 24/7.  We had our first “real” snow scare earlier this week in the Triangle area..sooo obviously I went to the grocery store and decided to make granola.  Thank goodness not everyone in Raleigh drinks Almond Milk…unlike regular milk there was plenty in stock.  My granola was Chocolate, Pecan, Coconut, Chia seed granola… and it was DELICIOUS.  I got the idea for my granola from this recipe.  I had almost everything I needed, except I was somehow out of oats and shredded coconut. I made mine with agave (I definitely used more than was suggested), chia seeds, pecans, and light brown sugar.  I didn’t even add any chocolate pieces to it after it was done, it was sweet/chocolaty enough for me.  While it was cooking in the oven my apartment smelled heavenly.  The recipe makes 7 cups…I ate it all by myself in three days.  

picture of granola

The plan for 1/26- 2/01:  If my shins cooperate I should get in about 50mi

  • Sunday – easy 8-10 miles @ Umstead (hopefully)
  • Monday – 6 miles
  • Tuesday – 400x800x1200x1600 ladder (about 8-10 miles total)
  • Wednesday – No Run
  • Thursday – 7 miles @ goal pace (7:35) – 10 miles total
  • Friday – (depending on the shins) – 7 mi or 90 mins on the bike
  • Saturday & Sunday – 1 day 8 easy, 12 – 14 long

And the quote I was living by when I ate 7 cups of granola in <72 hours:

“Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.”

Xo, Liz

One thought on “Boston Training Update 1/23 and Homemade Granola!

  1. You are so lucky you get to run mid morning, is that on your work break? I can only run very early in the morning or very late at night. That granola looks really good.. I’m also pretty much starving 24/7 and not even training for a marathon yet!

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