Boston here I come?!

We will start with the positives: On Monday I was able to slowly jog about a mile, it was hardly pain free, but it was tolerable.  Yesterday I managed about 5 -10 minutes of 30sec jog/30sec walk.  I have been cycling for about two weeks (seated, in the saddle) with minimal pain.  I have been taking ALL of the Aleve.  And my hip/leg situation is finally starting to improve, rather than stay the same.  HOOORAY!!! If we keep going in this direction I may be able to shuffle my way through Boston wearing the most FABULOUS Fanny Pack anyone has ever seen.

I felt obligated to finally write a post (Thanks to my friend, Allie, for inspiring me!) updating, and thanking, everyone who has entertained me the past few weeks.  So…here it goes! In mid February, after a typical 24 hours in the life of Liz that included a 15 mile run, teaching cycling, an easy 6 mile run, and teaching a kickboxing class I was having mild left hip pain.  It felt like my hip flexors (mostly my psoas) were just reallyyyyyyy tight and inflamed.  I foam rolled, took some Aleve and did my track workout the next day. I wrote in my training log that my left hip was nagging me a little throughout the workout, but I continued.  The next day was my rest day and it was over. My whole body felt horrible, I was so sore and I could barely walk on my left leg without a really sharp pain shooting down from my hip.  I continued to run (I know…I know) for about 4 days after that with constant hip pain shooting down my thigh.  Finally, about a week later, I got three slow painful miles away from my apartment and had to walk/cry myself home.  I have not run since. I immediately made an appointment with a sports chiropractor that I had only heard amazing things about and using some manual therapy techniques (and giving me some core exercises to do at home/work) we managed to get the pain to go from an “8” all the time to me not feeling it unless there is impact involved.  This week, I can hardly even feel it walking (most times)…but it nags when I cycle and hurts when I jog still.


Thoughts? Originally we were thinking it was just tightness in my hip flexors/ sartorius/ adductors but after weeks of resting there was still one spot in my thigh/femur that I felt sharp pain anytime there was impact involved.  My training up to this point had been going PERFECTLY, and between March 1st and St. Patty’s Day my plan was to PR in a 10k, 8k and half marathon…all of which I couldn’t even jog because of my hip/leg. I was pretty upset by this but kept my spirits up, cycling, lifting upper body, eating well and swimming.  I have gone to multiple doctors, had more X-rays than I can count (it has been too early to see anything on an X-ray), and I am getting an MRI on April 1st.  The conversation eventually moved to the possibility of a femoral stress fracture. UGH. Needless to say (and those who have seen me in the past few weeks know) I have been so upset about the possibility of missing Boston all together because of a stress fracture. The thought of not running Boston at all resulted in tears at work, lots of wine, beer, champagne and cookies, long (teary) chats with great friends, a few days of crutching and hardcore pouting.  And now, here we are. Fingers crossed that there is no stress fracture on the MRI next week.  If my MRI does not show anything you will see me at Boston, jogging/walking and smiling ear to ear every single second of those 26.2 slow miles.

I know, for a female distance runner, I am really young…I am 22 and I hope my best years of running are yet to come.  I know the Boston Marathon will always be there, and I know I will have many more chances to run it.  I know the real accomplishment was qualifying at 21.  I know there is still a possibility I could get to jog/walk it this year, and I know there is also a possibility later next week I will be on crutches. I have learned it is actually a good thing to pout daily when you are sad about something, and that you should tell people about it. I am so grateful to have so many people supporting me, checking on me daily, and giving me advice.  I appreciate it more than I can say.  Finally, and most importantly I have been reminded my closest friends are everything.

One of our clients at Empower (who has been an extremely inspirational and influential person in my life for the past year+) sent me a speech in her weekly pep talk email (I LOVE these) that was so amazing.  It confirmed my belief that how we think about anything and everything everyday is so key. My favorite quote from the speech was:

“The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day. “

-David Foster Wallace 

Here’s to being free, happy, and of course…being healthy enough to cross the start (and finish) line at Boston 2014!!

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