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Traveling Gluten Free: Duluth, MN Edition

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Last weekend we made the trek up to Duluth, MN and I ran Grandma’s Marathon.  The race was a success, and we stayed in Duluth for a couple days after to better explore the gluten free eats of the area.  It was a quick weekend trip, but here is a list of a few of the must go to places if you find yourself gluten free and in Duluth, MN.



  • At Sara’s Table Chester Creek Cafe: This lovely farm to fork restaurant serves gluten free pancakes with maple mascarpone spread, need I say more?  The pancakes are cooked in a  skillet, away from the gluten containing pancakes!  The staff was very knowledgable about cross contamination.  All of the breakfast meats are gluten free (including the to-die-for chorizo patties), as well as the amazing home fries. As if you needed another reason to go, they also have gluten free, vegan cookies – we tried the peanut butter and lemon poppyseed cookies and both were incredible. They also have a rotating gluten free pie and cupcake feature!! The final must try item on the menu is the iced matcha latte, made with almond milk and agave, and an optional shot of espresso. It was my first matcha latte + espresso and it did not disappoint.  Also, this restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives! We went here two times during our trip and I’m already looking forward to going next year!


  • The Boat Club: I found this restaurant prior to making the trip up to Duluth, and made a reservation on the spot.  I’m all about about a restaurant that designates the gluten free items on the menu, and has a good selection of gluten free options.  There are a few items in each category (appetizers, salads, steak, fish, etc.) that are gluten free. ALL of the side items are gluten free including a Minnesota Wild Rice Pilaf and a Cheesy Hash! They also offer gluten free buns for their sandwiches and burgers.  I had a filet, sautéed veggies, a baked potato, and a glass of rose.  Our waiter was very knowledgable about the menu items, what was gluten free, and mentioned that they try to be very aware of food allergies and preferences.  I was still feeling the marathon tummy when we went to dinner here, so I didn’t want to get anything wild.  They also had a gluten free dessert option that sounded amazing.  This is a great find, especially if you are traveling with non gluten free counterparts that want a hearty meal.  I plan to head back for the marathon another year and check out their maple bacon burger!


  • Canal Park Brewing Company: I know, a brewery that can do gluten free?? Seems crazy but it’s true.  We went here RIGHT after I finished the race, just a quick car clothes change and I was ready for a cider! It is right by the Lake with plenty of outdoor seating and corn hole! Canal Park Brewing Co. serves Loon Juice, a MN hard cider.  Loon Juice is incredible, I’m all about a brewery that serves a good gluten free alternative.  I had a bunless burger and fruit with my cider, it was delicious! If you’re looking for a great location to get a cider while your friends/family get a beer this is the brewery for you.

Coffee Explorations: Great places around Duluth, MN to hang out and get a cup of coffee.

  • Dunn Brothers Coffee
  • Duluth Coffee Company – we bought some beans from Duluth Coffee Company to have in our cabin all week an it was amazing coffee.
  • Mocha Moose – A coffee shop around mile 3-4 of the Grandma’s Marathon course.  It is super cute and closer to Two Harbors then Duluth.


Ever been to Duluth? Any other must try options for good gluten free food I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments! 

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